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Mindfulness and Leadership

Mindfulness and Leadership
Dian Lens

Michael Carroll has written a book, “Mindfulness and Leadership”. In his book, he confirms what I had always suspected. To be a leader in our new world, you must be mindful. Meditation or mindfulness belongs to the latest generation of leaders.

Connecting the East and West makes sense. Searching for the spiritual and linking this with our Western processes/systems yields results. When you realize that one cannot happen without the other, there is room for great things and leaders with great potential.
And then it starts with “Maitri”. Maitri is Sanskrit for unconditional love for yourself. Let that sink in for a moment. The unconditional love for yourself. Please note: unconditional!!

Looking at yourself without judgment. And that requires hard work and practice. It is sometimes said that you should meditate for half an hour daily unless you are busy. In that case, you should meditate for an hour.

Pema Chödrön explains it in 5 minutes.

And otherwise you can always read the book from Michael Carroll.