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"The day came that the risk it took to stay tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom."

"This is the element of freedom"

Alicia Keys


I bring professionals space and peace of mind so they can learn to look through a different lens.

That enables you to sustain your personal growth and make a unique impact.

Use your unique qualities and strengths and choose your path  to becoming future-ready.

You've got the Power 2 Bloom!

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Dian Lens – coach

Coaching, leadership and learning are my true passions. I coach people so that they create awareness and can grow their potential. I am convinced that everyone has untapped potential. What would be possible if you dared to use it?

I have over 30 years of experience in management and HR roles in a large corporate organization. I’ve worked in all industries in Europe, the U.S., and Asia, both online and in person.

I guide professionals to create more resourcefulness, compassion and creativity to walk on their path.

A lot is being asked of professionals and leaders at the moment. Leadership is constantly changing and will change and be different in the future.

If you keep learning, you stay fit, and you are agile for the future, at your pace, based on your qualities.

Lifelong Learning

Coaching: Professional Certified Coach (PCC)/ICF accredited, Certified Neurotransformational Coach (CNTC), ICF Certified Mentor Coach

Team coaching: Certified Team Performance Coach (CTPC), ORSC Fundamentals, Deep Democracy level 1

Embodiment: The Power of Embodied Transformation, Mindfulness MBSR trainer,
Embodied Leadership, The Science of Well-Being (Yale University), Holding Space, The Daring Way (Brene Brown),
Post-Graduate VU Amsterdam: Embodiment for Executive Coaching.

Tools: Insights Practitioner, DISC Practitioner

What I and my network bring:

Executive, Talent & Group Coaching

Profound professional coaching, from a state to a trait

As a professional coach, I invite you to reflect and learn from new perspectives. This way, you can grow at your own pace and create the impact you want for yourself and the world.
I use embodiment in our coaching as I believe that the body is forgiving but not forgetting.

As a group coach facilitator, I intend to guide each individual in the group process. The more people open up and show themselves, the more group learning starts for a higher impact. I practice group coaching with small groups of leaders within an organization. This can be a corporate, a start-up or a scale-up.

People find me empathic, decisive, to the point, creative and visionary.
I’m always looking beyond the obvious from my never-ending curiosity, like any artist who seeks the meaning of life in their art creation.


Strive for the team’s potential.

As facilitators, my crew and I (depending on the size of the event) will guide you and your team in your change journey. In most cases, an event fits in a series of events where we work together on assignments to find trust and safety with each other and dare to show up so the team and the professionals can grow. The event is prepared in detail with the organization, and with the principal, “everything speaks”. We will use all senses and the body to determine what leaders need to commit themselves.
Depending on the change question, we can use Insights Discovery or a high-performance team model like the one from Patrick Lencioni, listening techniques, mindfulness, etc.…
Facilitation can also be an inspiration session (live or online) on personal growth, embodiment, neuroscience or inclusiveness & diversity.

Critical friend of a C-level Executive and HR

Inside-out and Outside-in Objective Focus

With a background and genuine curiosity and interest in how people behave in the organization, I love to work in a team together with the client and academy or business school to co-create, e.g. a leadership programme for executives.
The role of critical friend suits me well. Sometimes, I step into the organization to bring that perspective to a business school; sometimes, I need to step out and get experience and wisdom from an outside perspective.
I will offer authentic feedback, ask challenging questions, provide creative perspectives when needed, build trusting relationships with stakeholders, focus on what is best for the organization and stay focused on the desired success of the organization.
My experience as an HR manager, programme manager for high-potential programs and international learning designer and facilitator proves helpful.


Writing is a passion of mine. I love to write columns and blogs about my experience and wonder, looking at the world.
My trait of curiosity helps me here.
I hope to inspire you!

Looking sideways, that’s an art.

I believe wholeheartedly that learning to look sideways changes your world. I also think it’s an art. But it’s an art you can learn. I see it in my coaching, training and the change projects I lead.

Mindfulness and Leadership

Michael Carroll has written a book, “Mindfulness and Leadership”. In his book, he confirms what I had always suspected. To be a leader in our new world, you must be mindful. Meditation or mindfulness belongs to the latest generation of leaders.

Do you dare to vitalize yourself?

Do you want to create more vitality for yourself? And what does vitality mean for you in your life?
I’ve been doing a lot of research on vitality, embodiment and neuroscience, and the research strikes me, E.g. How our body knows before our brain does.

“Everyone who stays busy wants to live to be a hundred.”


Japanese saying


I love to create and reflect. I love to invite you to strengthen your muscles to look sideways. Order my creations in this shop.


Give yourself or someone else a moment of inspiration to look differently and see a new perspective. As support or as encouragement when making a difficult choice. Because that’s how you grow as a person.

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Coming Next

And tomorrow, I don’t know. This is a book full of everyday inspiration. Living in the moment is so simple but so hard to do. You can use this book as a resource every day. 


I want to touch people so that they can get the most out of life. For me, that is the beginning of being free. There is so much untapped talent. What is possible if you use that? I proudly present my DIAN magazine.

€ 6,25 ex. VAT, ex. Postage.

You've got the Power 2 Bloom!

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